There’s a passion in everything we do and it starts with becoming the protagonist of your own life. NAYAD supports our ambassadors to discover themselves and live a life where every moment matters.

Experience the NAYAD® college life with us

College experience is alive, from our busy day-to-day lives, it is so easy to forget as college students that life exists beyond the college campus. At NAYAD, we believe every person in their lifetime should experience that unforgettable college experience one step at a time. We look outward to drive new experiences and adventure for each and everyone in your campus and your community.

Champion your everyday adventures and journeys

At NAYAD, We strive for diversity and inclusivity across all college campuses. Each student representative brings a unique characteristic to our sponsorship program and we believe they are capable of introducing NAYAD’s drinkware to student clubs, organizations, athletes, and friends across the campus. We want you to share that experience with us. That is why NAYAD is the sponsorship that will empower your club and organization to continue your mission through conversations, destinations, and meaningful relationships.