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Our Planet is Suffering

The Earth was once ripe with land, resources, and unbelievable natural beauty. Now, the human race is on track to deplete the planet of not only its resources, but also its people.

The Drive for Growth Leads to Destruction

With rapid population growth and advancements in technology, we have created an intense need for resources for our global economy to survive. Our renewable and non-renewable resources are being exhausted at an alarming rate and are not given enough time to replenish due to the non-stop demand.

The World is Reaching Its Carrying Capacity

Our population is now getting too large to have enough resources to suffice our growing needs. We cannot continue extracting these resources at such an extensive rate or we will deplete the world of all its natural beauty and people.

The Future Depends on Us

At NAYAD, we donate to numerous environmental charities because we value sustainability like none other. Through education, we can help spread awareness about environmental issues we are facing and encourage people to change the way they perceive the environment. Only then can we live in a more sustainable world.

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