12 Best Gifts for Your Mom on Mother’s Day

For many of us, this might be the second Mother’s Day we have to spend apart from our moms because of the pandemic. So with that in mind, there’s never been a better time to show your mom how much you appreciate her and all that she does for you, your siblings and everyone else in her life. 

But how can you properly say “thank you” to the woman who gave you the gift of life? Start with one of these Mother’s Day gift ideas to surprise and delight your mom on her special day.

Skincare Subscription

Need a fast, yet thoughtful gift? Treat your mom to a box of iconic beauty picks. Choose from 1, 3, 6 or 12-month plans and get the e-gift voucher delivered straight to her inbox. Each month, she will get five products, lovingly wrapped and delivered to her door.

Mejuri Earrings

If you’re looking to add something to her jewelry collection, why not gift her these mini diamond earrings? Handcrafted with 14k solid gold and ethically sourced 0.06-carat diamonds, it’s one of those pieces she can keep forever.

Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

No matter if she’s sipping iced coffee, Diet Coke or water, this insulated reusable tumbler will keep her favorite drink hot or cold all day. Plus, it’s outfitted with a fun colored coating (11 to choose from!) and an easy-to-sip-from stainless steel straw. To ensure that her tumbler stays clean without scratching the interior, include this soft-bristled silicone brush.

Tea Gift Set

Sipping organic tea from a beautiful ceramic cup, wearing a light summer shawl, listening to the birds chirping in the backyard—that’s the morning every mom deserves. This gift set includes a cup and five organic tea blends.

Hello Fresh Gift Card

Give your mom a Hello Fresh gift card so she can take back her evenings with fewer trips to the store, pre-planned meals and little clean-up. With all the ingredients she needs to make a home-cooked meal delivered straight to the door, she can choose from a variety of chef-created recipes that are delicious and easy to make.

Fragrance Discovery Set

If your mom is on the hunt for a new fragrance, Le Labo makes some of the most sought-after scents in modern perfumery. A set of five of its most popular fragrances will give her the power to mix it up to match her mood and find the one she likes.

Fitness Tracker

The Garmin Venu Sq features a 1.3-inch color LCD touchscreen (a bit bigger than most fitness trackers) and 14 hours of battery life in GPS mode. So if your mom is into major hikes or tracking her location, this may be the perfect watch for her.

Neck and Back Massager

This gift is like a spa day, but better — she gets to stay home. Designed to deliver a high-performance shiatsu massage in a sleek, trendsetting and ergonomic package, this massager has three speeds and adjustable heat to relieve aches and pains at the end of a long, stressful day.

Calm Club Big Night In Kit

Give your mom this carefully curated kit that includes everything she needs for a cozy and relaxing night in. She can have a nice hot drink in the mug, light up the candle, slide her feet into the super soft socks, have a casual crack at the puzzle and finally, when she’s ready — slip on the eye mask and drift off to sleep.

Bath Gift Set

For one of her at-home spa nights, this elegant box holds seven CBD-infused bath bombs that help soothe sore muscles and release tension. Each holds a crystal that aligns with one of the seven chakras, which can bring some mindful moments to her self-care routine.

Weighted Sherpa Fleece Blanket Throw

For the woman who’s also been your safety blanket: an equally comforting (not to mention super soft) accessory. This luxurious weighted blanket, which is available in a variety of shades and sizes, features square-shaped quilting that keeps the medical-grade glass beads evenly distributed, and is double-sided, with one side that’s silky and one that’s fluffy sherpa fleece.

Bouquet of Flower

When in doubt, opt for flowers. This mixed bouquet of campanella, free spirit and star blush roses add the prettiest sunset-inspired gradient to any room. And with the name “Love You Forever, ” these blooms make it easy to show your mom how much you love her.