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Sustainably made, Thoughtfully designed


2-in-1 Hydration Solution

Sip from a silicone-sleeved straw or chug out of an easy-to-flip lid. Heat-resistant, chewy and flexible.

Bring Your Own Cup

Save paper. Save plastic.  NAYAD tumbler is leak-proof, splash-proof, and cup holder compatible, so you can bring it everywhere and refill it anywhere.

Kept My Ice Water Cold All Day

"I got the tumbler in Neon Blue. I like the bright blue color with the matte finish. I’m actually surprised that the ice stays all day. I took it into a day long business meeting and it kept my ice water cold all day." - Angela. W

Attractive and Reliable!

"Great-looking, highly-functional tumbler. I get a lot of complements on it!" - Gina. H

Tightly Seals and Attractive

"One thing I’ve been struggling with having a tumbler is that the lid might not stay close as tightly as a water bottle. The lid of this tumbler doesn't have such issue." - Sherry. T

Great Insolation and Easy Cleaning

"This is my new favorite cup! I fill it up every morning with my own smoothie that I whip up at home and it’s able to say cold throughout the day. When I finish my smoothie, I just give it a quick wash and refill it with any beverage I want." - Jayson. L

Love the Silicone Straw!

"Perfect size. Love the marble print. I have sensitive teeth to cold water. My other tumbler also has a stainless straw and it catches up with the temperature of the beverage so easily that my teeth hurt everytime I drink cold water from that tumbler. This tumbler has a silicone straw tip on the straw and it is really helpful to prevent the straw from getting hot or cold." - Bobby. M

Easy to Carry. 12 hours of Insulation

"This is the best tumbler I have ever owned. Keeps ice and drinks cold for well over 12 hours!!!!! And it doesn't sweat at all. Great for travelling. Super easy to carry in my bag and also fits well in my car’s cup holder. I have come back to order another." - Brianna. S