5 Uses for Your Roamer Bottle That Isn’t Water

5 Uses for Your Roamer Bottle That Isn’t Water

If you’ve got a reusable water bottle, like our Roamer Bottle, then you might be wondering what else you can put in it. In fact, if you’re constantly on the go or setting out on a camping trip, then you’re probably looking for ways to minimize what you take.

The good news is that water isn’t the only thing you can enjoy in a stainless steel water bottle. You can put pretty much anything (including food!).

Keep reading to learn more about all the things that you can put in your Roamer Bottle.

Coffee and Tea

The NAYAD Roamer Bottle can be used to store hot or cold coffee and tea. 

So whip up a batch of your own cold brew or tea, and bring it with you to keep yourself caffeine-headache-free all day and happy that you haven’t spent all your money on Starbucks. And if you put milk in your coffee or tea, make sure you clean out your reusable water bottle in a timely manner.


Who says you can’t take your wine on the go? Our Roamer Bottle is great for holding your favorite wine and will keep it at the perfect temperature thanks to its double wall vacuum insulation.


Going on hikes is a perfect way to spend your free time. Fill your Roamer Bottle with trail mix or any snack of your choice for you to enjoy when you reach the peak.

Ice Cream

Yes, you heard that right. Even ice cream can be transported in our Roamer Bottle and enjoyed at a later time! Featuring vacuum insulation, our reusable water bottle can keep your ice cream cold for hours.


The common cold hits everyone hard. Not everyone has the ability to run out and grab a steaming hot bowl of mom’s chicken noodle soup for every meal. So, why not put some soup in your Roamer Bottle? The bottle keeps liquids hot for up to 10 hours, so it’s perfect to bring to work or on a trip.