7 Easy Ways to Be More Active

7 Easy Ways to Be More Active

We’re almost at the end 2021! Can you believe it?

Since many of our personal and professional lives now occur in the comfort of our homes, the pandemic turned us into homebodies and it’s easy to find ourselves succumbing to the couch’s call. 

For many of us, we know that physical health is important, but finding the motivation to work out while we’re stuck at home seems impossible. So whether you’re working from home or simply living your best quarantine life, here are some tips to help you stay active and reach your fitness and wellness goals.

Start small

One of the most important tips is to start small. Deciding on what workout you like best, finding a gym that works for you, a class that fits your schedule, an instructor you like and feeling motivated to actually go to the gym can be frustrating and overwhelming. So don’t start big and take one step at a time. Remember, small goals add up to big goals!

Be active daily

If you don’t have a lot of time during the day to dedicate to working out, aim for at least 30 minutes of activity daily. And break it up throughout the day if you need to: 10 minutes before work, 10 minutes after work and 10 minutes at home while watching TV.

Go for walks

Many studies show that walking daily promotes disease prevention. It’s free to do and easy to fit into your daily routine. All you need to start walking is a sturdy pair of walking shoes. So get outside and explore your neighborhood.

Use a reusable water bottle

Refilling your cup or bottle will automatically force you to get up from your desk — more steps without even thinking about it. Plus, not only is drinking more water a healthy practice but reusing bottles and mugs are also much more eco-friendly (and cheaper!) than buying one every day.

Find a workout buddy and set goals together

One of the easiest ways to stay accountable is to have someone else help keep you on track. Not only that, but having a workout buddy helps motivate you to be more active and is more fun than working out alone. So find someone who has the same goal as you and check in with each other regularly.

Take the stairs

The elevator may go up, but it doesn’t make your heart rate climb. Take the stairs when you can, even if it’s just for a floor or two. And don’t ride the escalator, climb it. Those can be active steps too.

Park further away

Spare yourself the parking stress and log some more active time by parking farther away (or even leaving the car at home) and walking or biking to your destination. You will not only burn calories but save a lot of time not waiting for a closer spot to free up.