Beach Essentials For A Perfect Day In The Sun

Beach Essentials For A Perfect Day In The Sun

While you might not be planning an island getaway anytime soon, you might be looking to beat the summer heat and escape to your local beach or lake. And if it’s been a while since your last beach trip, you might be in need of the basic necessities.

So what should you bring for a day at the beach? Use this beach day essentials list to ensure you don’t forget anything and prepare you for a fun-filled day.

Water-Resistant, High-SPF Sunscreen

A good sunscreen is an absolute must. Remember that one application of sunscreen won’t protect you all day. While most water-resistant sunscreens claim up to 80 minutes of protection, be sure to re-apply your sunscreen several times over the course of the day.

A First-Aid Kit

In addition to sunscreen, a few first-aid items can go a long way toward keeping your family happy. Pack bug spray, bandages, antibiotic cream and hand sanitizer into a reusable and washable silicone bag, so they don’t get coated in sand.

A Pop-Up Tent To Provide Shade

Providing much-needed shade, pop-up tents keep you protected from the sun at the beach and are great for any outdoor activity—camping by a lake, hanging out by the pool or sipping something icy by the sea. It’ll even act as a clever canopy over your backyard picnic spread.

An Insulated Water Bottle For Refreshing Drinks

Aside from protecting yourself from the sun, you'll want to make sure you keep hydrated. Lots of water is a must for any beach adventure, and having an insulated stainless steel water bottle will ensure your drinks stay cold for hours. 

A Good Beach Chair

If you don’t relish the idea of sitting in the sand, pack a beach chair. You can find beach chairs that include an insulated cup holder, a small insulated cooler pocket, mesh storage pockets and even backpack straps so you can carry it to the beach while keeping your hands free to carry other things.

A Soft-Sided Cooler

Planning to spend all day at the beach? You’ll want to have a cooler with you to keep your lunch and drinks cold. Soft-sided coolers are easier to carry, but also rugged enough to withstand drops and hits.

There’s so much fun beach gear to choose from, but prioritize sun protection and staying hydrated. Pack along some snacks and a good beach read and you’re all set. 

Reminder: Leave No Trace

When it’s time to pack up and make the trip back home, make sure that you take all of your trash and gear with you. It’s important that we don’t pollute the ocean and harm marine life.