Every Moment Matters with NAYAD

Extraordinary, powerful and life-altering moments in our lives get all the spotlight and for the most part, we don’t complain. They’re memorable and exhilarating. But these big, dramatic experiences shouldn’t get all the credit. Appreciating the small moments in life is just as breath-taking.

We often get so caught up in daily life that we lose sight of what really matters. Worse, it becomes a repeating cycle where we hurriedly do the same things every day. If we are not doing the things that matter most, then it becomes a destructive pattern.

Capturing Every Moment is Not Always Simple

Parker Seidel, a NAYAD ambassador, defines his lifestyle with the waves of Southern California.

He realized that ocean photography is his passion in life as soon as he dived into the cold, freezing ocean. When he is in the water, all his stress and worries fade away and all he has on his mind is capturing the best photos of the sun reflecting off the waves and sharing them with his friends.

What Really Matters

To find what really matters, it’s so important that we explore every moment in life. As a society, we are notorious for capturing everything through the lens of our phones. Our camera rolls are stocked with images from big moments. But oftentimes, we miss beautiful instances in our lives that are not captured and forget to savor them. 

When you experience life from every perspective, you will find the little joys, passions and excitement that matter the most. Just as Parker found his love for ocean photography, you will discover‌ ‌what‌ you are passionate about.

At NAYAD, we support our ambassadors to discover themselves and live a life where #EveryMomentMatters.