How To Plan The Perfect Summer Picnic

How To Plan The Perfect Summer Picnic

International Picnic Day is on June 18 and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a picnic! With the sun shining, flowers blooming and longer evenings, food seems to taste better in the open air.

Picnics are more than bringing the food outside that you would normally eat inside. The key to a successful picnic to plenty of planning and there are a few factors to consider: the location, the weather, and the ease of serving and assembly.

Whether your outing is for two or twenty, you’re sure to have a good time if you keep these picnic pointers in mind.

Take Food You Can Easily Pick Up

Food with built-in handles like chicken drumsticks, fruit screwers and corn on a cob are all picnic friendly. Try to minimize the use of forks, spoons and knives to make your life less messy and your picnic experience a lot more enjoyable.

Travel Light

Sure, folding tables, chairs and glass dishes make for an aesthetic photo, but keep your picnic supplies as concise as possible. When you find the perfect spot, all you’ll need is a blanket and your portable feast.

Invest In A Good Cooler

A styrofoam cooler might sound like a good option, but nobody wants to tote a fragile, unwieldy container of plastic foam filled with ice and beverage bottles onto a beach or to the park. Pay a little extra for a reusable cooler you’ll use year after year. In other words, it’s an investment that’s better for the environment and delivers dividends.

Bring Something To Do

Even conversations can lag after a while. Plan for boredom by bringing activities you can do alone or with the crew: board games, a deck of cards, books, coloring books, you name it. These are easy to pack and makes an afternoon of delicious food more entertaining.

Have A Bug Plan

Flying critters and creepy crawlies are inevitable when you have tasty food. Plan for this and have a strategy. That could mean packing and serving food in containers with lids, packing mesh covers and bringing reusable food wrappers. Shower caps can even come in handy for covering bowls and keeping them chilled.

Pack Extra Hand Wipes and Garbage Bags

It’s essential to pack hand wipes for your outdoor picnic as there are bound to be sticky fingers, spilt juice and unexpected accidents. Bringing your own garbage bags makes it easy to clean up and ensures you leave no trash behind.