How to Stay Safe and Healthy as Your State Reopens

How to Stay Safe and Healthy as Your State Reopens

As states begin to relax lockdown measures put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 and restart their economies, you’ll be able to dine indoors, go shopping and feel somewhat normal again.

But while COVID-19 cases have been trending downward in the United States — a hopeful sign as the nation continues its vaccine rollout — only 40 percent of people in the country have been fully vaccinated. So until it is safe to do all the things you used to do, here are some ways you can stay safe at work, in stores and outdoors.

If you are heading back to the office:

  • Take public transportation during off-hours and sit far away from fellow riders, or use your own car
  • Take the stairs or wait for the next elevator to minimize crowding
  • Wear a face mask when leaving your work area. If you work in an open environment, wear it all day
  • Clean your hands every time you touch a communal surface
  • Continue to hold all meetings virtually

In some states, restaurants are allowed to seat patrons at 25% capacity:

  • Wear a face mask and only remove it to eat your food
  • Don’t eat with your hands
  • Bring your own materials to disinfect your seats, table, utensils and menu
  • Sit outside when possible

While essential businesses have stayed open, other retailers are opening their doors:

  • Go during off-hours
  • Take advantage of options that reduce your time in the store, like curbside pickup
  • Order online instead

If you miss the gym and can’t wait to go back:

  • Don’t exercise next to or behind someone
  • Bring your own towel and water bottle
  • Wipe down the equipment before and after using

In general, the outdoors have a lower risk of transmission than indoors, but remember:

  • Practice social distancing and avoid crowded locations
  • Whenever you’re not able to maintain social distance, wear a mask