Introducing the Metro Mug

Introducing the Metro Mug

Introducing the Metro Mug

Looking for the perfect reusable mug for every season? Don’t we have the solution for you! With the new NAYAD Metro Mug, you can say goodbye to lukewarm drinks and keep everything from your freshly brewed tea to your favorite cup of coffee at just the right temperature!

How does it compare?

Unlike silicone and glass mugs, our double-layered, vacuum-insulated Metro Mug keeps your drinks hot up to 10 hours and cold up to 20 hours. Combined with a pro-grade 18/8 stainless steel body, our reusable mugs can withstand whatever life brings.

The Metro Mug comes with a crystal clear BPA-free press-in flip lid that makes sip and go easy and provides you with splash-free protection. The stainless steel handle also gives you a cozy and firm grip, allowing you to enjoy the craft and sensory drinking experience of coffee on the go.

Why does it matter?

Americans use about 108 billion disposable cups every year. Not only does this harm the environment, but millions of resources are wasted to produce disposable cups.

So what happens if you replace one disposable cup a day with a reusable mug for a year?

By using a reusable stainless steel mug like the Metro Mug, you can prevent:

  • 87.6 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 76 gallons of water usage
  • 126 trees from being chopped down
  • 12 lbs of solid waste
  • And save $36!

It doesn’t sound like much, but think about how much you can help the planet (while saving money!) over your lifetime.

Available in 5 colors including marble, neon yellow, neon pink, black, and pink quartz, the NAYAD Metro Mug is suited for any occasion. And with the option to choose between 15 oz and 20 oz, you’ll never go thirsty. As the best alternative to disposable cups, order your reusable mug today!