National Coffee Day: The Goats Behind The First-Ever Cup of Coffee

Held annually on September 29, National Coffee Day celebrates one of the most loved and widely consumed hot beverages in the world. These caffeinated drinks help us get through the day when we need a midday pick-me-up.

In honor of National Coffee Day, here is a brief history of the origin of coffee, as well as some fun facts to enhance your coffee knowledge and ways to celebrate this ancient drink.

The History of Coffee

Ethiopia is widely considered to be the birthplace of the coffee plant and coffee culture. There, legend says the goat herder Kaldi first discovered the potential of these beloved beans. Kaldi discovered coffee when he noticed that after eating berries from a certain tree, his goats became so energetic that they wouldn’t sleep at night.

He reported his findings to the abbot of the local monastery, who made a drink with the berries and found that it kept him alert through the long hours of evening prayer. The abbot shared his discovery with the other monks at the monastery and knowledge of the energizing berries began to spread, first to the Arabian peninsula, then across Europe and into the Americas.

Extra Caffeinated Facts About Coffee

Want to learn more about coffee? Here are some fun facts you may not know:

  • There Are Two Types of Coffee
  • Due to caffeine differences, there are two main types of coffee: arabica and robusta. Arabica is named after the region Arabica Peninsula where it was cultivated. It makes the most of coffee production in the world and is consumed most prominently. Robusta comes from a hardy plant and has double the amount of caffeine compared to Arabica.

  • Coffee Beans Are Really Seeds
  • Yes, we all call coffee beans, but that’s not really correct. They are actually the pits of cherry-like fruits that are found on flowering shrubs. We call them beans because that’s what they look like.

  • Only Two U.S States Grow Coffee
  • There are only two states in the United States that grow coffee — Hawaii and California. That’s because coffee requires a very specific climate, so it’s usually grown in areas around the equator. 

  • Brazil Produces the Most Coffee
  • Brazil grows about one third of the world’s coffee supply. Vietnam takes the place of the second largest coffee producer in the world.

    How Can You Celebrate National Coffee Day?

  • Try Out a New Recipe
  • Why not celebrate this caffeine-infused holiday by trying a new coffee recipe? Whip up a caramel latte, macchiato or Vietnamese iced coffee. Whatever you try, be sure to use a reusable mug. Not only is it better for the planet, stainless steel insulated mugs keep your coffee hot for hours so you won’t have to worry about lukewarm coffee.

  • Send a Gift
  • Help the coffee lovers in your life celebrate by sending a fun gift! Coffee subscriptions are a nice way to extend the celebration. Your friends or family can enjoy months of gourmet coffee delivered right to their doors.

  • Grab Some Free Coffee
  • National Coffee Day is all about coffee awareness, but you can’t forget the freebies! Big coffee brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme and Starbucks typically offer free samples or cups of coffee on this highly caffeinated holiday.

    Whether you decide to try a new recipe, send a fun gift or find caffeinated freebies, you can hardly go wrong. Coffee is a delicious, popular and versatile drink, and it deserves a fun holiday.