Say Hello to Our New Logo

Say Hello to Our New Logo

Today marks an exciting new day for NAYAD. We’re officially launching a new logo, as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand.

We started this brand to combat single-use plastics and to offer consumers ergonomically-designed, long-lasting products that keep you hydrated. 

So what’s changed?

Currently, our logo is “NAYAD,” but we’re changing it to “N” (styled in an ancient typeface).

Why did we decide on this new look?

In Greek mythology, nayad (or naiad) is a nymph of flowing water—springs, rivers, fountains, lakes. The nymphs of Ancient Greece were important figures and were considered to be minor deities because of their association with elements of nature, with many associated with the vital element of water.

As part of the redesign of our logo, we wanted to reflect the Greek roots of our name by using an ancient typeface.

New Logo, Same Mission

While you’ll be seeing our new logo on the website and across our social media platforms, one thing hasn’t changed: our core mission.

Based in the heart of Los Angeles, the city is home to hundreds of unique cultures and flourishing communities. It has taught us the importance of valuing both individuality and connectedness of all people. 

Every moment matters, and we believe that if you experience life from every perspective, you will be able to discover the joys, passions and excitement that matter most. 

As a brand, we are relentless in our pursuit of sustainable, eco-friendly products that are built to last so you can discover and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

We hope that you like this new look and feel. Let us know what you think, We’d love to hear from you!