Stainless Steel vs Plastic: What Is The Best Type of Water Bottle?

Many people opt for plastic because it's cheap and lightweight, but if you're concerned about environmental pollution and your own health, plastic is not the best solution. 

Insulated stainless steel water bottles are designed to be vacuum sealed and can retain heat or cold temperatures. But single-use plastic water bottles, on the other hand, are disposable and don't have the same insulation abilities as stainless steel bottles.

Let’s take a look at six more reasons why insulated stainless steel bottles are better than plastic bottles.

  1. Saves you money

Buying plastic water bottles can prove to be an expensive venture, especially for those who love to drink water. This is because once you drink from a plastic water bottle, chances are, you will throw it away and buy another when you need more water to keep you hydrated. 

The cheapest way to stay hydrated is by investing in a reusable water bottle that you can refill time and time again.

  1. Better for your health

The water you drink from your plastic bottle is not as healthy as you think it is. Plastics are packed full of toxic chemicals which can leach into water over time, particularly when the bottle is filled with hot liquids. The most well-known of these toxins is Bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to hormone balance and other health complications.

The best alternative to plastic bottles is a food-grade stainless steel water bottle because it doesn't contain the harmful chemicals that plastic does and it won't leach chemicals, even if you fill it with hot beverages.

  1. Cold stays cold, hot stays hot

Plastic bottles cannot retain heat or cold and they are often affected by the surrounding temperatures. So if you freeze it, the ice will melt, and if you fill it with hot coffee, it will be lukewarm before long.

A significant advantage of a stainless steel bottle is that many are made with a double wall that provides thermal insulation and will keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot.

  1. Won't ruin your bag

Who hasn't made the mistake of taking a chilled plastic bottle from the fridge and putting it in a bag? By the time you get to work or school, your notes and books are soaked with condensation. Even worse, the plastic can split if it’s packed under heavy things in your bag — leaving you with a mess.

Compare this scenario to a stainless steel bottle. Its double wall prevents condensation, the durable metal won't split or squash, and a leakproof cap keeps the water inside the container.

  1. More eco-friendly

Stainless steel water bottles are highly durable and will not degrade with each use. This means that these bottles are the perfect way to counter the negative impact that plastic bottles have on the environment. 

The average human needs to drink four plastic bottles worth of water per day. By using a reusable stainless steel bottle, you would be saving 1,460 plastic bottles per year. Even if you only purchased one plastic bottle per day, you’re still wasting more than 300 non-reusable containers that could be spared with one reusable bottle.

  1. It looks better

Perhaps there are more important reasons to choose a stainless steel bottle than the aesthetic design. 

But what do you prefer? A stainless steel bottle with a hip design of your choice? Or a transparent bottle that does more harm than good? 

So, are stainless steel water bottles better than plastic?

The problems with plastic water bottles range from serious — plastic garbage patches in the oceans and pathogenic substances that leach into drinking water — to minor conveniences — the right temperature, non-leaking liquids, a price advantage and a stylish design. 

But one thing is clear — it’s important we start tackling the plastic problem with stainless steel water bottles.