Summer Activities You Can Enjoy Without Harming the Planet

Summer Activities You Can Enjoy Without Harming the Planet

Summer Activities You Can Enjoy Without Harming the Planet

With summer comes the heat. And while the season has so much to offer, climate change is a reality we can’t ignore. The heat isn’t the only impact humans are having on the environment. Air pollution, as well as water pollution, both create problems. 

As we come out of lockdown and with fewer restrictions in place, we can finally enjoy a relaxing Sunday brunch indoors, hit the beaches, and see friends and family again. But unfortunately, many of our favorite summer activities have negative consequences on the environment.

If‌ ‌you’ve been looking forward to warmer weather and want to find ways to be more eco-friendly, thinking about the activities you engage in is key. So whether you are looking to spend time indoors, in your garden or around your area, here are some sustainable activities to enjoy this summer.

Go camping

Whether it’s in the woods, by the beach or in your backyard, camping is the quintessential summer activity. As you get outdoors and enjoy nature, there are many ways you can camp without harming the planet, such as bringing reusable stainless steel water bottles, making your own meals and leaving no trace.

Start a garden

Starting a garden is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. By growing your own fruits and vegetables, you reduce the amount of plastic you would otherwise use at your local grocery store.

Set up a composting system

There are a number of benefits to composting that not everyone is aware of. Composting wasted food and other organics significantly reduces methane emissions, saves you money and in some cases eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers. So why not start composting this summer?

Try up-cycling projects

Have something you don’t wear or use anymore? Rather than throwing it away, use it for a DIY and upcycle it into something you can use around the house.

Explore your community on bikes

Jump on your bike next time you’re scouring your community or heading to the store for small items. Use it as your mode of transport when you go to a friend’s or to the pool. This is a great way to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the air.

Have a picnic in the park

Get together with your friends and enjoy a sunny day at the park, sitting on the soft grass, the sun on your back and having lunch. Be sure to pack food in reusable containers, wrap sandwiches in reusable wax wraps and use reusable ceramic plates for food.

Kayak, canoe or sail on local water

River activities are the highlight of summer in many places. There are several ways to enjoy these activities without damaging the environment, especially when you avoid polluting the water with gasoline engines. Instead, rely on your arm strength and the current to kayak, float or white water raft.

Go hiking

Getting into nature is easy with nothing more than your refillable water bottle to keep you hydrated and a good pair of shoes. Depending on where you live, you can head straight out your front door, bike to a nearby trail, jump on city transport or take the hybrid car to a trailhead.

Spend some time at a farmer’s market

Whenever you can, shop at your local farmer’s market for fresh produce. Companies release a lot of potentially toxic pollution into the air and waste natural resources when shipping products. So buying local not only reduces the environmental impact of shipping and delivery, it supports local businesses and the economy as well.

Go to museums

Although summer is a very outdoorsy time of year, some days are just too hot, cold or wet. When the weather isn’t cooperating, head indoors and learn something new at a museum.

These are just a few examples of the many sustainable ways to have a good time. There are plenty of eco-friendly activities to choose from, so have fun this summer.