We are here to help you make a difference and give you a voice. Be a part of the NAYAD Peeps Program so you can make an impact in school and even in life!

What Makes This the Best Program for Students and Athletes?

We strive for diversity and inclusivity across all college campuses. Each student representative brings a unique characteristic to our program and we believe they are capable of introducing NAYAD’s drinkware products to student clubs, organizations, athletes, and student bodies across campus.

Professional Experiences

The NAYAD Peeps Program will not only help you grow as a young professional through resume building opportunities, it will also teach you how to connect with other professionals through social networking and campus events.

What Is In Store For You

The NAYAD Peeps Program strives to provide students with sustainable hydration products while supporting students’ academic growth. By choosing NAYAD, you are supporting eco-friendly products and representing a brand that provides effortless hydration.

Be the Trendsetters and Leaders

Our college ambassadors and student organization representatives go beyond just representing NAYAD. They are trendsetters and leaders responsible for promoting fun and unique hydration experiences on campus and social media.

Be the Peep

Stand for what NAYAD mission is, and represent in your community and campuses.

Embark On A Journey

Be the connection for NAYAD. Utilize your relationships and community, while strategizing marketing campaigns.

Maximize Your Creative Side

With our support, NAYAD can help you expand your creativity and bring them to life.

Pursue and Strive With Us

Build a community and pursue the professional goals you always dreamed about. We are here to grow with you to the end.

Bring Out the Fun in You

While being a NAYAD Peep can be challenging, it's a thrilling experience that teaches you how to grow.