Here’s How to Throw a Medal-Worthy Olympic Viewing Party

After a year-long delay, the highly-anticipated 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo is right around the corner. And while the stands won’t be packed with fans, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from throwing an Olympics viewing party at home. So if you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few to get you started for your grand celebration.

Start Streaming

The most important thing to have at your gathering is a way to actually watch the events. Consider setting up a large screen at your party so everyone can see. Setting up additional chairs and places to sit will also ensure everyone can watch with utmost comfort.

Gold Medal-Worthy Snacks

Nothing brings people together like food. And when it comes to a watch party, there are so many food options to choose from. On one hand, you could do snacks and offer calorie-dense meal options like pizza to allow a cheat day for all those in attendance. Or you could go for healthier options like sandwiches, fruits and salads to keep everyone in good and healthy spirits to watch the competition.

Represent Your Favorite Athletes

There are a variety of ways to represent those you’re rooting for. Maybe you have a teammate who qualified for Trials and you want to dress in your team apparel to represent your connection to them. Maybe you have a favorite returning Olympian and want to wear apparel that makes you excited to cheer them on. Maybe you want to get excited for the Olympics in general so you wear an Olympic themed outfit. Whatever your jam is, inviting your guests to come dressed is a great way to get everyone ready to cheer on their favorites.

Host Your Own Games

Who says the competitions have to be left to the pros? In case guests get bored or you're waiting for the next event to start, host a few games of your own. If you have a pool, maybe you will want to do your own relay races or swimming events. You could also hold exercise challenges like sit-ups and see who can do the most. So assemble into teams, head out to the backyard and get your heart pumping.