Why Reusables Should Be Your Travel Companion

Why Reusables Should Be Your Travel Companion

Pack your bags—we’re going on a trip! While we’re all more eager than ever to hop on planes, trains and automobiles to go somewhere, we can’t forget about the impact travel has on the environment.

It’s more important than ever to travel mindfully and sustainably. Travel can generate a ton of waste and increase your carbon footprint, but there are simple ways to counteract that.

So, today we’re talking about how you can enjoy your travels while keeping it sustainable.

Put reusables on your packing list

Traveling inherently creates a lot of waste. Carbon emissions from aviation, cars and other modes of transport contribute significantly to global warming. And when we travel, we typically eat out for almost every meal, and grab snacks and coffees on-the-go.

With all the single-use plastic and disposable cups we’re consuming, that’s where a travel companion like NAYAD comes in!

It can be difficult to make sustainable choices while on the move, but having one of our reusable drinkware with you will make those decisions a lot easier. They are convenient to refill and easy to take with you wherever you go, no matter how you’re getting there.


All NAYAD products are TSA-friendly. Just make sure your stainless steel mugs and water bottles are empty of liquids before bringing them through security. They’re durable enough to survive any drops and you can fill them as needed on your way to your gate. 


A road trip is where our 22oz Tumbler shines. It’s large enough to hold your coffee when you’re cruising down the highway and need a caffeine fix, but slim enough to fit in any cup holder. And when you’re done hydrating, you can even use your reusable tumbler to hold your snacks!

Touring and exploring

Our handy Roamer Bottle is the perfect hydration companion to carry on any outdoor adventure. Our reusable water bottle is BPA-free and insulated, meaning you can enjoy ice cold water for hours. The metal carrying ring also makes it easy to carry your stainless steel bottle on the go.

Made for an easy drinking experience, our eco-friendly drinkware gives you even more ways to stay hydrated on the move. So, whatever trip you’re going on, stay hydrated and do it sustainability!