Community represents a sense of belonging, culture, and inspiration. By collaborating with community leaders and local business owners, the meaning of inclusiveness and authenticity becomes very clear to us. At NAYAD, we understand the value behind it, and we know as a community, people from all walks of life embrace in each other’s kindness.

Little France Coffee & Bakery

At NAYAD, we celebrate inclusiveness and authenticity. As we are built upon community, it is important for us to understand the core values of our people.

Located in Mission Viejo, CA, Shahin & Lionel are two great representations of us, as they set the highest standards to serve the community, one pastry at a time.

Little Amsterdam Coffee

Racial justice movements are expanding across the country and around the world. At NAYAD, we have to responsibility to further continue the movement to be more than a moment.

Joshua leads the black community by providing a platform for powerful black voices.

Little Amsterdam Coffee located in Los Angeles is the definition that revolution is now.

Patch Coffee

As life goes on, we know how important it is to bond as a community. Driving to the center of local cafés, we seek to celebrate diversity and the AAPI community from all backgrounds.

In Lake Forest, CA, Deb leads the AAPI community by providing a safe environment for all people. A through and through example of us savoring every moment in life and bringing people together with different cultures.